A Weekend Distraction

This is neither a sewing-related exercise, or a give-away, but I thought I would share it, in case it gave someone else any ideas for using up broken or unwanted items ;-)

Any mom knows, looking after a sick child is no fun, and ten days into it, I’m feeling very frustrated. I’m bored, the house work is piling up, and I’ve had no exercise. This weekend I felt I needed to do something creative before I really started to feel sorry for myself.

I bought this clock a few years ago. Unfortunately, it was knocked off the wall, and the soft aluminium scratched and buckled, and no matter how much I tried to straighten it out, it just never looked the same again. I just couldn’t bear to throw it out, so it’s been sitting in a cupboard, broken, for about two years.

The favourite clock can be seen in the background. I loved it so much. My husband always said it was awful, but I saw it in a home on Top Billing, so I couldn’t have been wrong!

I removed the clock mechanism, cleaned it up nicely, and a few coats of spray-paint later, I have a new photo frame :-)

It looks pretty good on our wall. Hooray for spray paint!


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6 Responses to A Weekend Distraction

  1. yippy yay yay says:

    you are so inspiring lady! That is so clever, I’m keen to try something similar to now…. SPCA shop here I come :-)

  2. Andrea Saxton says:

    Yip, sounds familiar. My mom was tossing out a bunch of old alarm clocks. My husband had different ideas, and after removing the mechanism, I also have a small photo frame.

  3. Luanne says:

    Yah! I finally got to read something on your page, cos I’m on my mom’s pc! I’ll have to make sure I check it on weekends when I visit! Frames looks great! Post a pic once you have put a photo in it!!

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